KFC Menu & Price List Malaysia (KFC Vouchers June 2023)

KFC is a popular fast food chain in Malaysia, and there are currently over 600 KFC restaurants nationwide. 

The KFC menu features a range of delicious options that will satisfy any craving and is 100% Halal certified. 

Here are some of the popular items on the KFC Malaysia menu:

  • Zinger Burger: This classic KFC burger features a crispy chicken fillet, lettuce, and mayonnaise sandwiched between two soft buns.
  • Cheezy Wedges: These are potato wedges that are coated in a crispy batter and topped with a generous amount of cheese sauce.
  • Colonel Rice: This rice dish is served with KFC’s signature gravy and a piece of crispy chicken.
  • Popcorn Chicken: These are bite-sized pieces of chicken that are coated in a crispy batter and served with a dipping sauce.
  • Twister Wrap: This is a wrap that features a crispy chicken fillet, lettuce, and mayonnaise wrapped in a soft tortilla.

Other popular items on the KFC Malaysia menu include the Zinger Stacker, Box Meals, and Family Buckets. 

It is worth noting that KFC Malaysia also offers exclusive menu items that are not available in other countries, such as the Zinger Cheezilla, Zero Chicken Burger, and Black Sesame Balls.

KFC Menu Latest Promotions

For the latest promotions, please visit the official KFC site at https://kfc.com.my/

KFC Breakfast Menu (Before 10am)

Nasi Lemak KFC

Menu ItemPrice
2-pc Nasi Lemak KFC ComboRM20.99
1-pc Nasi Lemak KFC ComboRM16.99
Nasi Lemak KFC ComboRM10.99
2-pc Nasi Lemak KFCRM17.49
1-pc Nasi Lemak KFCRM12.99
Nasi Lemak KFCRM8.49

KFC Regular Menu (After 10am)

Here is the list of KFC Malaysia regular menu items (after 10am) and prices (last updated June 2023):

Family Buckets

Menu ItemPrice
9-pc ComboRM68.99
15-pc ComboRM99.99
Variety Box BRM78.60
Variety Box CRM93.60

Box Meals

Menu ItemPrice
Signature Box – ClassicRM22.49
Colonel Classic BoxRM18.49
Colonel Stacker BoxRM21.49
Zinger Cheezy BoxRM24.99
Stacker BoxRM27.49
Cheezilla BoxRM28.99
Snacker BoxRM15.99
Twister BoxRM22.49


Menu ItemPrice
Dinner Plate (without drink)RM20.49
Snack Plate (without drink)RM15.99
2-pc ChickenRM14.10
3-pc ChickenRM20.49
5-pc ChickenRM33.49
9-pc ChickenRM56.30
15-pc ChickenRM91.99

Burgers & Twisters

Menu ItemPrice
Cheezy O.R. DeluxeRM15.99
Zinger ClassicRM13.49
Colonel ClassicRM8.49
Colonel StackerRM12.99
Zinger CheezyRM14.99
Zinger StackerRM18.99
Zinger CheezillaRM20.49
Cheezy TwisterRM14.49

Nuggets & Tenders

Menu ItemPrice
9-pc Spicy Nuggets ComboRM19.49
6-pc Spicy Nuggets ComboRM16.49
9-pc Nuggets ComboRM19.49
6-pc Nuggets ComboRM16.49
9-pc Spicy NuggetsRM14.99
6-pc Spicy NuggetsRM11.49
9-pc NuggetsRM14.99
6-pc NuggetsRM11.49
Crispy Tenders Combo ARM20.49
Crispy Tenders Combo BRM21.49
3-pc Crispy TendersRM10.49
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