Why Doctors Are Important In Our Society

Society is the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community. There are a lot of jobs that actually help society to be better. There are teachers, policemen, firefighters, engineers and most importantly; doctors.

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The importance of doctors to our society can be seen clearly nowadays, especially with the help of social media. Doctors are important to save lives, educating the society for social changes and giving out solutions for medical issues.

Saving lives will be the first word that comes out from a doctor’s mouth.

 This usually happens whenever there are emergency cases. Emergency cases or accidents such as car crashes, asthma attacks and heart attacks are very risky as they all involve the safety and health of the patient. Doctors will try their very best to save the patients and victims’ lives. Other than accidents and emergency cases, doctors will always help those with incurable diseases to extend their lifespan. Doctors will usually put full effort to help their patients and will do anything it takes to save their lives. Without doctors, who else can we put hope on to save the lives of our loved ones?

Other than saving lives in the operation theatre or hospitals, doctors also give full effort to educate the society in so many ways.

This is to make social changes that will be beneficial for society. As we can see, nowadays doctors use all platforms to educate the society. From organising medical talks to posting videos on social media such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Some topics that doctors will always talk about are sexual education, disease prevention and how to seek professional help. Educating the society with right sexual education will help to reduce the possibility of getting sexually transmitted diseases (STD). It will also help those who struggle to make good family planning to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Lastly, doctors will always help to come out with solutions to your medical related problems.

Since we are currently facing pandemic, doctors are the people we should look up to. They will come out with prevention methods that are supported by sciences and research which means the advice helps. Other than giving ways to prevent infectious disease, they will also help with our medication. Doctors will prescribe the best medication for us with the help of pharmacists. It requires a lot of knowledge to be able to do so. Taking an MBBS course in Malaysia will also help someone to become a better doctor. Some people might just go to the doctor to get medical consultation. Usually, those who suffer mental health issues will go to the doctors to help them with their health issues. This means that medical practitioners are the best person that we could go to whenever we have any medical issues.

All in all, to have doctors in a society is very important as they save lives, educate the society for social changes and give out solutions for any medical related cases.



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