What Type of Games are there?

Have you ever wondered what type of games there are? We often categorise them all into games but as an avid gamer myself. What kind of games mean a lot to some people. Whether they are shooting games or strategic or even simulators there are so many games that we ourselves might be confused because some liken to the simulators are not as close to games but are also a part of the gaming society. It can be tricky at times but it will turn out obvious searching for the essence of the game. Such differentiation are also very important to some people. They play what types of games only or do not play what type of games. But more importantly lies what they are interested in as well as the classification of games to them are very important. 

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First Person Shooters

First person shooters are point of view shooters. The game is placed as the first person. Likened to from your own eyes in the game. All you can see are the hands as well as weapons in hand of the character only. Such games are very fun because it is like you yourself are in the game. Most of these First Person Shooters are not easy of a game to master. It takes time and skills as well as reflexes to achieve great results. Such games are Rainbow six siege, Apex Legends as well as Titanfall.


Third Person Shooters

The Character of the game is seen as you play the game and this is fun as third person has got some angles that you can have which the enemy is totally seen but to the enemy you are still invincible. Can be tricky and fun at the same time. Such games include Pubg, GTA as well as Resident Evil.


War Games

The game uses war time machines to fight enemies. Such games are fun when you are able to understand and compare the historical real machines to the game models and all these games are fun when you are able to pilot, sail or drive historical legendary machines to fight against enemies of the same class with highly tactical and strategic games. Such games like World of Warships, World of Warplanes, War Thunder as well as the mobile Warpath.



Simulators are the games that are at a tricky end. It is not exactly really a game but it is also in the gaming category. Simulators use real life physics and try to translate into the gaming world. You are able to drive cars that have similar physics of the real world or fly planes with similar movement, control and physics as off the real world. But yet they are truly fun because these are some things you are not able to do in the real world but yet able to achieve the same thing but in the digital world with similar physics. Such games include F1 series games by Codemasters, Flight simulators by Microsoft, DCS as well as Assetto Corsa.


Gambling Games

These games are mostly from PC games or Mobiles. These games are online but involve real money. These games have a main launcher that includes many types of games like slot machines, pokers and more. If these games are for you you can first check out the reviews and have a go at it. Such games include 22bet casino, Spincasino and more. You can check out mega888 review.

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These are various game types for you to be able to have a go at it. All games are fun, it is only what types of games you are into and this short simple categorisation can let you have a go at the gaming society easier and discuss and chat with your friends as well. So Gamers, game away!

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