This Is What Hotel Guests Expect From A Hotel In Kepong

Kepong is a place that’s just north of Malaysia’s capital. The name Kepong directly translates in
Malay as “enclosed”. This is because the town is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges. If
that doesn’t make you scream with excitement, then the bars should.

The town has an exciting nightlife that’s complete with several Kepong Girl Escort to make the
nightlife a bit more interesting. If you plan to manage or build a hotel here, here are some things
that hotel guests expect from a hotel in Kepong.


We’re living in a modern age of hyper-connectivity. Guests like to be constantly connected to
the internet and they want people to see what they’re doing in real-time. Gone are the days of
slow internet connections. Make sure that your hotel has a fully working WiFi to support all of
the rooms and the common areas of the hotel.

Invest in connectivity infrastructure so as to avoid those nasty hotel reviews telling people that
your hotel is good, but the internet connection is disappointing. People seeing reviews like is an
easy deal-breaker.

Value For Money

There are a lot of hotels in Kepong and neighboring towns. What makes your hotel different in
terms of value for money? Think about ways on how you can provide more value without adding
costs to your customers or maybe you can find a way to incorporate the cost. Here are some
quick tips to help you:

    – Offer a sumptuous free breakfast to all of the guests
    – Create a common space where people can socialize
    – Provide shuttle services and airport transfers
    – Offer a free massage for those in the more expensive room

These are just examples of what you can do, but there are still a lot more out there. Think about
how to add value to encourage more guests to stay in your hotel.

Go Mobile

Mobile check-ins and check-outs are all the hype now in the hospitality industry. Make use of
the power of smartphones. Some guests coming in form a long flight has no patience to line up
for fifteen minutes just to check-in. If they’ve already paid for everything and you already have
their credit card details, there’s no use of having them wait around your lobby. Get them to their
room as quickly as you can manage so that they can begin to relax. This minute detail in your
process can have a tremendous impact on customer satisfaction.

Be Authentic

Train your staff to be authentic and stick with your company culture. Hotel guests love
personality and they value uniqueness. When they see that the staff are truly authentic with the
way they offer their help or the way they smile, it makes a lot of difference. The only way to
make this possible is if you also take care of your staff. Empower them to make decisions for
the guests and see them at their best.

Get Feedback

When you’re just starting out, feedback is important. Even if you think you’re doing everything
right, there are still probably a lot of room for growth and improvement. Be pushy about getting
customer feedback. Your guests will appreciate this gesture.

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