Software Development

What is Software?

Software is a set of instructions, data, or programmes that are used to control computers and execute certain tasks. Hardware, on the other hand, refers to the physical components of a computer. Software refers to all of the applications, scripts, and programmes that run on a device. It is the moveable part of a computer, whereas the hardware is the immovable part.

What are the types of Software?

Application software and system software are the two main types of software. An application is a piece of software that satisfies a specific demand or performs a specific purpose. System software is created to run the hardware of a computer and to offer a platform for programmes to run on. Programming software, which offers the programming tools required by software developers; middleware, which sits between system software and applications; and driver software, which controls computer devices and peripherals, are examples of other forms of software.

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Types of Application Software

Web browsers

Firstly, Web browsers are software applications that make surfing the internet easier. You may use these to rapidly find information on the internet. Some of the examples include Google, Microsoft Edge, Bing and so on. 

Presentation software 

Secondly, we have presentation software. These programmes enable the simple visual presentation of data using a variety of methods. Slides are a convenient way to show information. Some of the presentation software that is regularly used are Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, Visme’s Presentation tool, Keynote and more. 

Spreadsheet software 

Thirdly, there is spreadsheet software which is software that allows for the representation of data in a tabular format. They make calculations simple with formulas and functions. There are Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Zoho Sheets and LibreOffice to name a few. 

Graphics software 

Next, we have graphic software that provides for the simple manipulation of visual data. It frees up space for photo editing and artwork. Some examples are Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Paint, InDesign, InkSpace and so on. 

Word Processors 

Moving on, there are word processors. These are software that enables text formation, beautifying, and manipulation are all possible using word processing software. They make opportunities for good text consolidation and editing by allowing a wide range of functionalities. Examples of word processors are Microsoft Word, Google Docs, OpenOffice Writer, Kingsoft Writer, Notepad, Wordpad and so on. 

Database software 

Database software, often known as database management software, aids in the efficient management of data. This software makes it simple to organise data and have access to it. Microsoft Access and Oracle are two among the many database software that can be found. 

Multimedia software 

Multimedia software is software that facilitates the development of audio, video, and graphic files. They cover all aspects of basic multimedia development and distribution. They come with a number of instruments to help with the process. Some software that can be found are Video Editing, VLC, Media Player and many more. 

Education software 

Lastly, we have education software that is developed to assist students with learning and tutorials. They provide for easy and immersive education across a variety of academic subjects. Google Classroom and ProProfs are some examples.

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