Here are 3 of the best SEO copywriting tips for hotel businesses!

As an entrepreneur, you probably know by now that having a blogging strategy is highly important. Sure, adding regular fresh content to your blog can drive in more traffic. Furthermore, if done well, your readers can turn into paying clients. But how exactly do you manage a great blog or website?

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Good keywords are key to massive website traffic.

Before you begin writing blog content, spend time exploring Google AdWords. Of course, you would want to use search terms that are really related to your industry. That way, potential readers and customers researching through specific keywords can easily stumble upon your website.

Keywords can help organize your posts. Use them in your titles, headlines and page URLs. The body of your blog and your article posts should also include synonyms and variations of the keywords.

Your content should be short and sweet.

When writing about someone or something we love, it’s difficult to keep everything straight to the point and simple. Always try your best to craft a material that is enjoyable and easy to read. Use concise language, add page breaks and implement shorter statements. This will help your audience grasp your words even more, resulting in more social shares and more improved ROI.

Use the best formula to blog writing—AIDA!

AIDA is a good blog writing formula you can use anytime. What does it mean? It stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

Attention. Always start with something that will pique the audience’s interest. It can be a beautiful description, a stunning picture or a shocking fact. Reel them to the blog or website with something they will enjoy for a really long time.

Interest. Now that you have the audience’s full attention, tease your blog’s purpose in a fun, compelling way. Why not write an anecdote or quote? Something that is full of charm and wit?

Desire. Once a specific reader becomes deeply invested in your blog, you now have the opportunity to make a heartfelt desire for your service. You can convince them to stay in your property. Let them realize that just like standing by your blog, staying in your hotel will bring them joy and leisure. Possible results? Ideally, they will book a stay. If not, they would come back to read your next blog post.

Action. Have you told your story and made an offer? If yes, don’t forget to give your audience the opportunity to take actions. Why not appeal to their sense of spontaneity? Link your hotel accommodations page or online store!

Blogging is challenging, but you can reap wonderful rewards later on!

Managing a blog and crafting good blog posts can take time, but trust me, your hotel will eventually reap the best rewards. Most especially if you follow these simple, basic rules. What are you waiting for? Start curating your blog posts, emails and social media content. Just create interesting, engaging and well-written content, then everything else will soon follow.

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