Fresh Ideas for Instagram That You Can Use to Market Your Business

1. The Story Behind Your Brand

Share the story of your brand and business started. People love hearing about the struggles and passions of an entrepreneur–it is a huge source of inspiration for many. Celebrating your business’ success would instantly put you on the map.

2. Flatlays

A flatlay is an aerial image of items arranged in a visually appealing order. This is a popular trend in the Instagram world. In fact, several social media services in Malaysia recommend the integration of this style in almost every Instagram strategy. Level up your Instagram game through this trend.

3. Instagram Stories

Both IGTV and Instagram stories are viewed more than the users’ actual content, so make sure to make the most out of them. By using this feature, you will be able to reach out to your target audience more efficiently.

4. Your Customers

Including your customers is another big idea for your Instagram content calendar. You can also repost their photos where they tagged your business. If you want, you can also take your own images of your happy, satisfied customers.

5. Behind The Scenes Shots

Behind the scenes shots are great ways to showcase your products and services from different angles. Surely, people have seen all of your professional product shots numerous times. Why not give them something more unique? Show them how you manufacture them!

6. Employee Photos

Employee images are one of the most underrated, yet amazing Instagram ideas. These photos don’t need to be stuffy employee headshots. You can include interactive, silly and fun shots. By posting these, you can introduce your team to your existing and potential customers.

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