Establishing an online store is not easy. You need to continuously generate traffic and customers, to make your business profitable. To make your life easier, make sure to utilize the best tools and platforms available. One of this is BigCommerce which is the best online marketing services.

Why use BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a popular online shop builder. It allows business owners to customize layouts, and sell products through their own websites, Facebook, eBay and Amazon. If you are searching for an efficient multi-channel ecommerce platform, you should include this in your list.

Moreover, it offers a vast range of templates, and can work with different payment options such as Paypal, Square or Stripe.

Is it an effective ecommerce platform for search engine optimization?

BigCommerce really isn’t bad. This platform is designed with SEO best practices in mind, so you can consider it as a good investment. One of its best features? It allows you to create a mobile-responsive website—a big plus for your SEO strategy.

Below are some tips to help you get started on this platform.

1.Do keyword research.

Efficient SEO begins with keyword research. Remember, keywords are the building blocks of a search engine optimization strategy. Make sure to optimize your web pages to reach more readers and customers. Consider Google’s Keyword Planner as a starting point for this. This is one of the most helpful platforms around when it comes to keywords.

2.Improve your on-page SEO.

BigCommerce has plenty of native tools that can help you in finetuning on-page SEO. It makes the process simple and convenient, allowing you to enter metadata on every page. You don’t need to edit HTML codes. All you need to do is add keywords, titles and meta descriptions. Apart from quality content creation, this is a top solution in improving on-page SEO.

3.Optimize your website for mobile users.

BigCommerce provides various templates which are responsive to smartphones and other devices. As we all know, Google has already progressed to mobile-first indexing. It means that mobile browsing has already surpassed that of desktop, and that focusing on a mobile-responsive design is your ticket for more readers and customers.

4.Optimize your website speed.

Web page speed is now one of the most important factors in search results. If you want to win in the organic traffic game, see to it that your website loads fast. The first step that needs to be done? Test your website’s speed using an efficient tool. If it gives out a slow loading time, find out what elements need to be modified and eliminated.

5.Use a specific app to fill in the gaps.

BigCommerce allows users to integrate useful apps in their stores. This is an efficient move, since it gives you a chance to further evaluate your SEO initiatives. Look for well-reviewed apps that typically used for audits. With the implementation of the perfect app and platform, your shop will surely generate more traffic over time.

6.Optimize your product and category web pages.

Website navigation is a key element in an effective SEO strategy. Of course, you would want to impress all users who visit your website. Make sure that your images, and category and product pages are fully optimized. It should follow basic search engine optimization guidelines, even those technical elements which are easily overlooked.

7.Implement an internal linking strategy.

Internal links are powerful elements that can lead your business to success. The best technique for this is to link to other relevant, bestselling products within your blog posts, landing pages and product pages.

Through efficient internal linking, you can check which of your web pages need more focus and improvement, in the grounds of SEO.

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