Anchor Text Guide for 2018

Basic Anchor Text Guide for 2019

In making your website to be outstanding compared to the other website having the best seo is the main key. Another few aspects that will help your website to improve its credibility and visibility of seo is through proper anchor text.

Do you know what an anchor text is? Do you want to know how to use it and how the best seo consultant are using it towards their website improvement? This short guide can teach you how to utilize it so you can maximize your search engine page results.

What is an anchor text?

It is the clickable and visible text in links.
Anchor Text Guide for 2018

Why does it matter?

Anchor text will always matter, just like backlinks. Before the 2012 Penguin update, anchor text is one of the most convenient approaches for Google to know the relevancy of any website.

Today, it is an efficient way for Google to penalize over-optimization and spam.

9 Different Kinds of Anchor Text

For you to build natural anchor text profiles, you must understand the many different kinds of anchors.

1. Branded Anchors. Branded anchors uses a user’s your brand name.

2. Generic Anchors. These are typically call-to-action statements. “Go Here” is an example of a generic anchor text.

3. Naked Link Anchors. Any kind of anchor that utilizes a raw URL is regarded as a naked link.

4. No Anchor Trick. This is a tricky strategy. Tricky, but a good idea.

5. Image Anchors. Throwing image links in your campaigns is a good way to diversify profiles.

6. Brand + Keyword Anchor. This a good approach to stay safe, and create a natural, anchor profile.

7. LSI Anchors. This is an acronym for Latent Semantic Indexing. Basically, it means variations for the focused keyword.

8. Partial-Match Anchors. These are very much similar to LSI anchors. The huge difference? Creating anchor text variation, rather than utilizing a tool.

8. Exact Match Anchors. Exact match anchors are the anchor text kings. This kind of anchor text has the power to improve rankings, but at the same time, it can also land you penalties.

Power Backlinks

Power links are links that impact your keyword ranking. Focus on keyword-rich text anchor text on this element.

1. Editorial Links

Editorial backlinks are backlinks placed in web content naturally on any relevant webpage. This type of link can take plenty of time to get. It presents opportunities to utilize a partial match anchor.

2. Niche Relevant Guest Blog Posts

Websites that allow guest posting will usually leave backlinks in the bio boxes. It is recommended to utilize the optimized anchor text for specific author bios.

Anchor Text Guide for 2018

If a website allows the user to include links within the content body, make sure to drop keyword-rich anchors.

3. Resource Pages

Resource pages can either allow resource titles or branded anchors. Are you linking to a specific content resource on the website? Then you should utilize the page title.

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