A Particular Bitcoin was Made by a Betfair Trader

Bitcoin That Specifically Made By The Betfair Trader

Cryptocurrency is said to be the future of financing as part of the online futures trading. In fact, Bitcoin has become quite popular that it is already used in many establishments as a means to pay for goods and services.

Bitcoin has been there for so many years and other cryptocurrencies have sprung up since then. There is a relative newcomer in the block in the form of the DGTX (Digitex) Tokens!

What is it and who made this Bitcoin? Read on to find out.

The DGTX Token

A Particular Bitcoin was Made by a Betfair TraderThis token is the main cryptocurrency that is being used in the Digitex Futures Exchange, though other currencies are also supported like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Anyway, the Digitex Futures Exchange is an amazing venue for people who want to trade their cryptocurrencies with other traders. The beauty is that this platform does not have transaction fees, so you can pretty much earn a lot if you have plenty of coins to trade.

If you ask how the owner gets money, there is a small payment whenever you enter the exchange and that’s about it. The owner is kind of wealthy anyway and he really wants to expand this futures exchange so that people will be enticed to trade.

The Digitex Futures Exchange is an amazing platform like Betfair, but unlike waiting for racehorses and other sports to start, you can pretty much barter your coins with other users as soon as you log in using its companion software.

The Man Behind the Mission

The person responsible for this new cryptocurrency is none other than Adam Todd himself. If you’ve been a long time Betfair trader, you already know this guy. Adam was a legend because he made a fortune just by actively trading on Betfair.

He started with a small capital back in 2002 and he was a scalper- a person that trades actively during the day.

What he usually does is that he bets on a favorite and then he hedges that just a few minutes before the race begins. So no matter what the outcome is, his money is secured.

Because Adam had devised a perfect strategy, he was able to win consistently of about 9 out of 10 races per day. That is really amazing!

A Particular Bitcoin was Made by a Betfair TraderAdam really loved Betfair because you can pretty much start betting by just using a laptop or logging in from an internet café. It gives you the freedom to trade whenever and wherever you are.

That being said, Adam really wants to DGTX token to take off. That is why he doesn’t require you any pertinent documents or any strict requirements. So long as you have cryptocurrency and some valid IDs for identification purposes, you can then start the process of trading!

It went on sale last January, but you can buy DGTX tokens from people if you like. Cryptocurrency, as they say, is the future. Hopefully, with the DGTX tokens, you can pay for whatever you want and the best part is that it is very easy to acquire as well.

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