6 Signs That You Must Become an Architect

1. You have the ability to apply your knowledge to your work in an effective way.

Top architects in the most reliable architecture firms in Malaysia have in-depth knowledge on a vast range of topics connected to their profession. This can even include politics and public speaking. Knowledge on marketing, business, real estate, construction and sustainable building are also crucial. You must be able to apply your knowledge well during field work.

2. You love nature.

Architecture is not just about science and math. Architects also take pride on loving, and having deep respect for mother nature. Do you love the natural world? According to Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous architect, architectural designs must not interrupt the natural world. Enhance the beauty of nature, and follow its curves.

3. You are smart.

Architects wear many hats. They possess a range of qualities, many of which they excel in. If you really want to be an architect, you need to develop a strong understanding on building disciplines, including mechanical, structural and electrical. It helps to be smart. That way, you can understand different material properties, and create the structure well from beginning to end.

4. You are determined to work hard.

Just like in any another profession, you need to work hard on the architecture field to be successful. You also need tons of time and effort to prove yourself, and gain big achievements. This equates to long hours of work at home, at the site and at the office.

5. You are a good problem solver.

It’s crucial for architects to be good problem solvers. At some point, you will encounter problems while trying to meet the requirements of your clients. This it eh reason why you need to become a better problem solver.

6. You have amazing negotiations skills.

Architects must have great social skills. That way, you can communicate well to your staff, interior designers, engineers and clients. Moreover, you must be able to share your vision and ideas for specific designs. Having great negotiation and communication skills allow you to present your ideas in the most professional way possible.

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