5 Tips to turn visitors to buyers in your Ecommerce store

Ecommerce has been on the rise these past few years, where more and more e commerce company businesses are experiencing a steady growth of sales annually. But there is still a constant issue about high bounce rates for majority of ecommerce sites out there where visitors arrive, but don’t convert into buyers.

So what steps should you take to convert those visitors to buyers in no time?

Use Metrics to understand your customers

To increase conversions in your site, you first have to understand the behavior of your customers that are visiting your site. With proper measurement tactics and tools, you’ll get to know which part of your website customers usually visit the longest, the amount of time they spend and where bounce rates are often high.

Include product information

Since customers can’t check the actual product themselves, they would rely on the information that you share. Make sure that you include all important details and concise product information to your product pages. These inspire customers to proceed with the purchase.

Free or affordable shipping

Sure you have great products and competitive prices, but as soon as customers see high shipping costs, especially for a single item purchases, they immediately rethink whether it is worth it. Remember that 73% of customers say that free shipping was the deciding factor to proceed to purchasing the product.

Simple navigation

It only takes a few seconds for customers to decide whether to stay in your site or leave. Navigating your site should be simple, where visitors are able to locate the item that they want as fast and easy as possible. Consider including a search bar to make it more convenient for your visitors.

Customer reviews are important

Customers usually scour and read for reviews about a certain product before they purchase it. Whether we admit it or not, people value the opinion of others greatly especially when it comes to product reviews.

Encourage your customers to leave product reviews that you can showcase along with the product details. This helps increase customer confidence in your product which results in higher conversion rates.

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