5 Beautiful Colors You Rarely Heard Of.

Colors are an important part of our personality because it is said that your favorite colors can show others what kind of people you are. Have you heard that people who like the color yellow tend to be the happy-go-lucky type and are bright people? Of course, it is not 100 percent accurate because they are people with a cold personality that love that color too. If you are into art or web designing, then you will know how there are so many shades and colors you can use in your line of work. This custom website designers malaysia can show you the truth of that statement because they can design websites for you with various colors and special features to choose from. Besides, colors can also help to deliver messages or symbolise something. For example, the color red could mean there is danger nearby or white has always been known as a symbol for purity and innocence. Different people have different colors they like and some colors suit their physical traits or characteristics. Some even use colors to identify themself in a particular event like a game or meeting. There are also people who love color-coordinating and collecting items in all colors because they are interested in the many shades and colors there are in their collections. Instead of the common colors we have heard of like red, green, blue and black, let’s have a look at 5 rare colors people know about.

Lapis Lazuli

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Even the name is unique on its own, right? This color is a dark shade of blue where you can see the appearance of  mythical creatures and the light glow that often comes out from their eyes in movies. 


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The color is a light shade of green which is pretty popular where you can see them on ice creams, jeans and macaroons. It is a soft, muted shade of green in the realm of sage, honeydew, warm mint, and light moss.


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Derived from the Latin word “glaucus” which means greyish-blue or grey, the best words to describe this color is the pale grey or bluish-green appearance of the surfaces of some plants, as well as in the names of birds, such as the glaucous gull (Larus hyperboreus). The color is very nice for paint and glasses.


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This color is commonly associated with diamonds as it has a color range from a light greenish-blue to a strong blue with a secondary green and is available in light to dark tones.


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If you want an image of how the color looks, imagine the color of green tea, but 10 times darker. This color is often paired with off-white and neutral tones as the shade is a rich and deep green. It’s named after the aromatic juniper berry and personally, it is a really nice color for the designs of websites.

Last Words

It is amazing how there are so many colors we have never heard of. Colors are fun to mix with your wardrobe collection and match your personality. With how important color is in our lives, it’s hard to imagine what will happen if we are color-blind because we can never see these rare colors we have never seen in our lives before. Now that you have seen these colors, widen the colors of your collection no matter your clothes or sneakers. It could be fun and it will definitely improve your mood as you look at all these pretty colors.


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