4 Romance Manga You Should Read in 2022

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2022 could be the year when manga and anime rise in the industry. Most people nowadays are aware of these two terms. If you are a fan of manga, you will be highly interested in this post. These days, the romance genre has been taking over everything, from the tv series to the books and even anime. If you want to find romance manga series to read online Malaysia, Manga Legacy is the best site for that. Anyway, if you are new to anime and manga, you might want to read this post until the end. Without further delay, let’s find out what are the hottest manga you can read this year.

1. Fruits Basket

find romance manga series to read online malaysia

This manga series might have been heard by most of you who are reading. This series is a mixture of romantic comedy, supernatural and slice-of-life genres. It is s well-known series and had over 30 million copies. This series was one of the best-selling manga series as of December 2018. The story is about a high schooler named Tohru Honda who lost her mother in a car accident. She later lives with her grandfather, but later decided to move out due to the treatment she received there. 

She later moved out permanently and lives inside a tent. This is where it gets exciting. The land she is living on belongs to the Sohma clan. Not long after that, they find out her secret and the family has decided to take her in. The secrets awaiting her are very shocking, where if any of them is touched by the opposite gender, they will turn into the zodiac animals of the Chinese Zodiac. 

2. Daytime Shooting Star

find romance manga series to read online malaysia

A must-have manga concept, high school set! Daytime Shooting Star focuses on Suzume Yosano, who moved to Tokyo due to her father’s relocated position to Bangladesh. She lives with her uncle, Yukichi. One day, on her way to her uncle’s house, she fainted in a park after remembering seeing a shooting star, during the day. She was helped by a handsome stranger who tells her that they will be meeting again. On her first day of school, she finds out that the handsome stranger is her own homeroom teacher, Satsuki Shishio. 

3. Wolf Girl and Black Prince

find romance manga series to read online malaysia

This is another shōjo manga series high school-themed genre, that focuses on a high schooler named Erika Shinohara. She is very desperate to want to fit in a group and to earn respect from her new friends. Since everyone in the group has a boyfriend, she now has to lie about having one. When the group ask for a picture of the boyfriend, she randomly captured a picture of a stranger, whom she did not know is a famous and kind Kyouto Sata. She then asks him to be her fake boyfriend and he accepted it, under one condition. She has to agree to become his “Wolf Girl” in which she needs to behave like a pet. 

4. Kaguya-sama: Love is War

find romance manga series to read online malaysia

This is a manga series that consists of romantic comedy, psychological and slice-of-life genres altogether. This series is basically about two people who have feelings for each other but they are just too proud to admit it. Kaguya Shinomiya, vice president of the student council and Miyuki Shirogane, the council president are the two main characters of this manga series. They seem like a perfect couple of the elite Shuchiin Academy. They are both deeply in love with each other, but none of them wants to validate their feelings. This series can either make you fall in love with it or make your blood boils. 


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