10 Ways to Be a Better Event Manager

Are you new in the event planning and management industry? Then, you need to make sure that you are well equipped with knowledge, before taking on more projects. You don’t need to worry. Soon, you will be able to carve your own name in your chosen field. Below are 10 tips you can follow to step up your game as an event manager.

1. Think and Question

Planning an event is never easy. Brainstorming in itself will require tons of questions and ideas. Make sure to involve each team member in the special occasion. Together, imagine what the event would look
like, and check how you can overcome challenges that may come along the way.

2. Take Care of Yourself

Event planning can be overwhelming, but don’t let all the stress consume you. Take a day off and recharge once in a while. Remember, all work and zero play is not the perfect success recipe. Sleep if you want, or need to. After all, if you are managing your event checklist well, you’ll never run out of time.

3. Embrace Your Job

Just like in any other person in a different profession, you should love your job. This is probably the most basic, yet most important guideline in career progress. Do you know that event planning is considered as one of the most stressful professions? It takes a lot of patience and hard work, but at the end, you’ll experience tons of fulfillment and happiness.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Experience is the key to a good career. Don’t hesitate to take projects, big and small. No matter how simple that event is, you will learn something from it. There is the opportunity to build good relationships, and strengthen your network in the long run. Seize each chance to sharpen your skills!

5. Widen Your Knowledge

Take courses on theoretical event planning. Read industry magazines and text books. Widen your knowledge about all the vital elements in the industry. You don’t need to drown yourself on various details every day, though. Just dedicate ample time each month to keep yourself with the current trends and technologies.

6. Reflect Once in a While

At the end of every project, make sure to reflect about your learnings. Moreover, discuss with your client and team members about how you can improve in the future. Feedbacks are essential to gather important points of improvement. Don’t just relax and be complacent. Each feedback, no matter how small, can make a huge difference for the better.

7. Utilize Technology Wisely

Help can come not only from real people, but also from pieces of technology. If you want to make your job faster and easier, use these digital platforms. Make the most out of these helpful apps, platforms and software to save time.

8. Collaborate with Thought Leaders

To be a more efficient event manager, you should maximize your social media reach. This is the perfect way to connect with influencers and thought leaders across the digital platforms. Contribute to several LinkedIn groups. Join Twitter chats. Engage with many thought leaders on the YouTube platform. By doing so, you will trigger fresh ideas and perspectives.

9. Look for Solutions, Not Problems

As a dedicated event manager, it is your mission to look for a solution to every client problem. Remember, every problem has a solution. You would need this to able to deliver your client’s vision in a practical way.

10. Make Sure to Attend Events

Every event manager needs to attend events to be able to gather new ideas. It pays to see the work of another professional—this can change your thought process for the better. Always immerse yourself in various events, and learn about the work process of different professionals.

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